Trust On Elite Tutors

Trust on Elite Tutors

Elite Tutors was cofounded by a former School Teacher with the view to empower parents and students to find the right tutor for their needs and since our formation, we’ve expanded to cover ever more subjects, levels, and cities helping hundreds of learners of every age across the whole of Nigeria.

Elite Tutors isn’t just an agency – we’re a marketplace. Our aim is to provide every student with all of the information they need on the tutors who use our site, so they can quickly and easily determine who is best placed to help them achieve their learning goals.

Trust and safety are of paramount importance to us and all of the students, parents, and tutors who are part of our community. That’s why we seek to be completely transparent about what we do (and what we don’t), the steps we take as a platform to provide the highest levels of trust and security, and what you can do to help provide a safe learning environment.

Accepting tutors on to the site

We require every tutor to complete a full profile – which includes adding a bio, tagline, their qualifications, a photo of themselves, their teaching preferences, and the rate they wish to charge students – before they can go live on the site. Our Education Advisors vet these profiles to ensure that tutors only offer subjects they have suitable qualifications to teach, at a rate we would deem to be in line with their experience. Of course, it’s difficult to get this right every time, but we try our best to ensure that each tutor offers lessons at a cost that is commensurate to the quality of service we feel they’ll offer.

Requesting the tutor’s ID

Every tutor is required to upload a copy of their ID, which we automatically verify using a third-party provider.


All reviews are from verified customers

Tutor references

Every new tutor has to secure two positive references before they are allowed to tutor with us – We only accept tutors with positive references.

Background checks

Only tutors who have shown us proof that they have an up-to-date enhanced background check (DBS), or who are on the update service, with no past cautions or charges, are awarded the ‘I have a background check’ badge on their profile.


Every tutor who creates an account must declare that they do not have past cautions or convictions which would make them unsuitable to tutor. We always take a cautious approach to what we deem to be ‘relevant’ and publish our full guidance, so students and tutors can understand our policies.

Tutors’ qualifications

We are not able to ask every Tutor for proof of their qualifications, instead, we recommend that students request to see any certificates they believe are relevant to the tuition they will be receiving at their first session with a new tutor.

Student reviews

When viewing a tutor’s profile, students are able to read the reviews left for that tutor by other students on Elite Tutors, who has completed a lesson with that Tutor. Our community cares about helping each other and reviews are a huge part of that, so we actively invite students to give feedback to help other learners find their perfect match.

A powerful algorithm

We don’t stop vetting tutors once they are live on our platform. Every tutor is ranked, based on many factors we believe add together to determine who offers a truly outstanding service. If a tutor’s score drops below the threshold we deem to be acceptable for the quality of service they are offering students, we no longer display their profile within our search results or allow them to apply to open jobs.


We hope these details make it very clear how we approach the subject of trust but, of course, if you’ve any further questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected]